It’s so ironic because before I got close to ___ all I wanted was for ___ to tell me things and tell me what was going on in ___ life and now that we are close all I want ___ to do is to actually ask me about my life and go into more depth about what my relationships are like and how I feel.

I just find it ironic how that’s all I wanted at the beginning and now that I have that I want more. I’m getting greedy? I don’t know. But it’s just ironic.

Fuck my life I have a crush on a 29 year old 

I have a new found love for her. I’m so glad we’ve become friends.

It’s so refreshing being able to speak to someone who actually understands what I’m going through and actually gets the emotions and battles and struggles that I have to face every single day. Until now, I haven’t ever met anyone in real life that is going/gone through a similar situation. It’s just so amazing being able to talk to her about it and actually fully understand and relate to everything she says because I have experienced such similar things. It’s so amazing.

On the other hand, I so felt like binging about an hour ago. I was so tempted to just go and get a packet of tim tams and just eat them all. I was so tempted, and I still kind of am. However, instead I decided to make roast vegetables, which are currently in the oven now. It took some effort to change my thinking, but I made the decision and I guess we’ll see whether this prevents me going and buying tim tams later on tonight. Baby steps.

Fuck that sucks. Why is it so easy for you to forget me and just move on

The hardest thing about recovery is finding another way to vent my emotions.

I can’t just eat when I’m stressed, upset, angry, home alone, sad, tired, bored, overwhelmed, nervous, confused, scared or lonely anymore. How am I supposed to find other ways to deal with my emotions when all I have known for the past 2.5 years is how to rely on food as help

In all honesty, seeing him again has been very upsetting.