He’s moving back to auckland

He’s moving back to auckland

He is honestly moving back to auckland..

I had a fucking long day at uni and now all I want to do is eat mm’s but i can’t listen to the disorder. I can’t even do any work or anything right now because I’m just so exhausted and trying so hard to stop the cravings

Damnit it’s 7:15am and ‘m just abot t watch gopro footage and im still drunk but pls talk to me all the time jakey

Pls talk 2 me pls

He’s so hot and he’s talking to me is this real life

Just got asked if I wanted to have casual sex hahahaha no

im trying so damn hard to be the best that i can be so i lock away my emotions and keep my problems inside me to stop people from thinking something is wrong and asking questions and realising that im fucked up and now it’s slapping me in the face because im trying so hard but they’re seeing through me and they’re noticing things that i never wished i would ever be described as and i cant even listen because i hate myself enough as it is so you dont need to add anything else and i dont want to break any more but this is breaking my heart because all im doing is trying and trying and trying and now im not getting anywhere so what the fuck is the point of all this effort im so sad i dont know what to do but im trying so fucking hard